Why is an argument sometimes good for a love affair?

Why is an argument sometimes good for a love affair?

Constantly arguing in a relationship can be a bad sign, but a little healthy and constructive arguing can really be good for you.

We discover how rougher conversations can help you improve your relationship:

1. Argument frees you from negative emotions

There’s nothing worse than keeping everything to yourself (from when he was late for dinner to the moment he forgot your anniversary). You’ll have to explode someday. But when you say every remark, instead of pushing it under the rug, you can solve and correct all the problems. Arguing is good and productive because it purifies emotional frustrations, bitterness, and anger, or anything that leads to conflict. Don’t be afraid to argue because otherwise you will become resentful.

2. It helps you see your partner’s perspective

Argument in a constructive sense means: no insults, attacks or criticism. In a “good” quarrel, each partner releases his feelings and shares his opinion with the other on the occasion of a misunderstanding, and during that time he actively listens. The point is to listen to your partner, not attack him because he views the situation differently from you. As a result, you will learn more about how your partner approaches certain issues which can lead to better communication in the future.

3. You will practice reaching a compromise

A meaningful quarrel should not revolve around who won and who lost. The end result is finding a golden mean through compromise and realizing that you look at things differently. While it’s not easy, you don’t have to succeed at first. The most important thing is to learn to quarrel honestly because you probably won’t always agree on just about everything during your life together. Accept that and your relationship will be even better because of that.


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