8 truths about seduction

8 truths about seduction

1. The average man spends less than a second looking into your eyes when he meets you, but devotes a full seven seconds to your lips. To be sure that it will keep your look even longer, choose reddish shades of roses, which definitely make men’s eyes look beautiful.

2. One study found that people who send 35 seductive signals in one hour have the most success. We do not advise you to bother with counting, but try to make a good balance of all these looks and “accidental” touches, which will clearly let him know what you want. But don’t act aggressive.

3. On average, a man will approach a girl after their eyes meet three times. So when you spot someone you like, be sure to meet this quota. Eye contact lasting at least three seconds is a sign that you are ready to move on to something more than just looking.

4. But too much eye contact is considered one of the biggest mistakes of flirting. So, when you make sure he has paid attention to you, calm down a little wandering of his gaze.

5. Women are most attractive to men when they tilt their head slightly forward and look at their interlocutor, slightly from below. Then they look more feminine and sexy.

6. He probably won’t be able to see your underwear on the first night, but a short flash of your bra strap can do a lot more than you think.

7. If you thought a deep cleavage was key, you are not entirely right. Women with long arms are considered more attractive so wear a sleeveless or thin strapless dress that will visually lengthen your arms.

8. The most appealing is the smile that makes wrinkles around your eyes because it looks natural and spontaneous.


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