8 reasons why every man will want a breakup

8 reasons why every man will want a breakup

1. You don’t listen to it carefully enough

While it’s a well-known fact that women talk more than men, that doesn’t mean they don’t like and don’t know how to talk. If they want to say something, they expect you to listen to them carefully and give some comment. Imagine a situation where only one side is talking and is always right while the other gets a little space to talk and understand.

2. You listen to your friends too much

Of course you adore your friends and want to hear their opinion, however this does not mean that they are always right and that you should blindly listen to their advice. This is exactly what men resent about their more beautiful halves. Too much mixing on the side can be detrimental to the bond.

3. Lack of privacy

Being in a relationship does not mean being isolated from everything and dedicating 100 percent only to your partner! Men don’t even ask their partners to do that. They don’t want to go to all the female places, just as they don’t want you to be involved in all of their male activities. If they feel they have lost some of their privacy, identity and their former life that they adored, there is no other way to get it all back than to tell you it’s over.

4. You are too independent

Men really don’t like it when their nicer halves are completely independent. They still like to feel like protectors and know they are needed by their girlfriends. It’s great to be an independent and smart girl who can do most things on her own, but also leave a little space for your partner to show off their masculine abilities.

5. You are too addicted

Maybe in this situation, men are hesitant to drink girls because they don’t know if they want an independent or a fragile lady, but here’s what it’s all about. Being a completely independent girl who leaves the impression that she doesn’t need anyone will completely reject men, but they will also not be attracted to a girl who can’t live without a stronger half. Make a balance, don’t overdo it in extremes. Be a girl who is not financially dependent on her partner, but who needs all the male love, attention and protection.

6. You don’t give him enough compliments

If your communication boils down to criticizing your partner, accusing and accusing, and tenderness and sweet words have become extremely rare, it should come as no surprise if he says he wants to break up with you.

7. Excessive mention of the former

Any comment, recollection or grief for the former will mark the end of the relationship and there is no need to comment on anything else. The situation is even worse if you are in contact with the former, and the present is familiar with the situation. The former stays in the past where it belongs and don’t try to bring it back to the present if you don’t want a free relationship status.

8. You disagree with his company

If you want a relationship to succeed, you must at least respect, if not love, his friends. If you put him in a situation where he has to choose between you and his friends, be prepared that he will not choose you.


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