4 types of guys you don’t need to date

4 types of guys you don’t need to date

1. An adrenaline junkie

Wondering how to raise the adrenaline of a guy like this. Invite him to paragliding or some extreme sport. And if you want him to go completely crazy for you, you have to keep up with his pace. One thing is for sure – you will need a lot of energy. He lives 300 an hour and his life marathon doesn’t stop. Eventually in his late thirties he switched to triathlon. Do you think you can reach him then? Maybe, but only on the condition that you get a parachute.

2. Mother’s son

What do you first think of when you see this guy? Finally! A normal, handsome guy who stands firmly on the ground and knows what he wants, but … He also has little secrets: he spends more time in front of the mirror than you, and under his “casual” look lies the combination that his mom loves the most. When the “bad guys” in the club start to win, he sips his cocktail and thinks about how one day some of these handsome girls will approach him. Boy, wake up.

3. Operative

His attitude speaks more than a thousand words. He is proactive, energetic and moves quickly from words to deeds. A person who talks little and works a lot. And the results are not lacking. In every area. He achieves everything and you seem to have more faces. He is the worker of the year at work, a well-behaved son at home, and a favorite guy in the nightclub who radiates self-confidence. At first glance, good prey. And you’re already wondering what he’s missing now. We’ll just tell you you’re dealing with a dangerous player. And so be careful. Don’t fall for his tricks with which he will try to beat you, because such a guy doesn’t know how to lose.

4. Workaholic

You will never see this guy without a suit and tie. Quite strange, considering that everything in his life revolves around and in the office. It is his refuge. A place where he prefers to spend time than in a nightclub. You wonder what the relationship with him looks like then. The harsh truth is: Money is the only love of his life. And then what are you in that story? Just a mistress. In that case, you have no choice but to arm yourself with patience and fight with all those zeros. Good luck!


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