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Life situations: bigger risk – more of a reward

Life situations: bigger risk – more of a reward

Once you become a guy that knows women like this – who can tell the different types, and do it quickly – is an expert on women. Think about scientists studying birds. The very first thing that they do is classify them into different types. That allows them to understand their behavior and make all kinds of predictions on how that bird will act in different situations.

For example they might know that one type of bird will fly south in the winter, while another one might not. And they can look and say, that bird is NOT going to work on building his nest right now because in 3 days he’s going to fly south. With women – you might be at a bar talking to a woman and find out she’s a Denier and KNOW that she isn’t very likely to go home with you that night.

That way you can just get her number, and not risk the rejection of trying to push her to leave with you right then and there. Many successful companies give their employees personality tests before hiring them. The reason why is because it gives so much predictive information before the company can decide to hire them or not. It’s the same way with women – once you know what type you get along with the best – you can shortcut the entire process. So you can talk to a woman for a couple minutes and know exactly how everything will turn out if you get involved with her. It can literally save you years of possible heartache and frustration being with the wrong woman.

You always need to have on your mind two things. That your game is ten and that you don’t give a deal what others think of you. Always be kind of sick. If you want to be in a love category, you have to be unpredictable. Be playful. Urgent things. You make her believe that she is your girl for five minutes.

You tell her a story about ‘us’, and then you say: Hey baby, I was cheating. You tell her a story about camping by the river, how the two of you went swimming, than a shark came, and I was saving her, and because of all the rubbing against each other we screwed in the water… But baby, It wasn’t my fault. It was the shark. No wait, wait… (you pull her close and give her a kiss). You make her believe that she is your personal assistant. You make her believe that she is your body guard.

Listen to your core. Men up. You need to be the party. Step up. Dare! Why men don’t close? Because they fear rejection, because they fear losing the girl, because they fear they’ll make a mistake, because they fear taking risks.


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